Screening for Mental Health

Following a presentation by Dr Catriona George & Dr Kirsten Verity (clinical neuropsychologists) at the Cross Party Group for Epilepsy in September 2017 it seemed timely to publish a summary of the work which has taken place since September. The authors would also like to acknowledge the contribution made by Dr Ailsa McLellan and Dr Jay Shetty (consultant clinical neurologists) and Suzanne Felix (assistant psychologist). Please click below to download the document

“Screening for mental health in children and young people attending epilepsy clinics” Summary

(Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity funded pilot project)
Dr Kirsten Verity, Paediatric Neuropsychologist (RHSC, Edinburgh)
Dr Catriona George, Clinical Psychologist (RHSC, Edinburgh)
Suzanne Felix, Assistant Psychologist (RHSC, Edinburgh)

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