Anissa Tonberg Chairperson

Anissa Tonberg (Chairperson)

Anissa has been with Epilepsy Scotland since 2004 and is currently the Policy & External Affairs Manager for the charity. She works with clinicians, governmental policy-makers and academics to improve services for people in Scotland with epilepsy by contributing to health and social care policy and clinical standards, and by undertaking research. She lobbies on behalf of people with epilepsy for greater equality and social justice, including improved health and social care, better information provision, fairer access to employment and benefits, and an end to stigma. Via the Epilepsy Consortium Scotland, she is the Secretariat to the Cross Party Group on epilepsy at the Scottish Parliament. She has co-authored Scottish Government-funded research into young peoples’ information needs regarding SUDEP, and co-supervised an ESRC-funded PhD on the social geography of epilepsy with Glasgow University.