Cath Cooney from Alliance presents House of Care Model

Cath Cooney from Alliance carried out a presentation on the House of Care model, at the most recent ECS meeting, held on the 10th May 2017.  The presentation summarises the model to help make sense of the key elements that enable people to live well in their communities.  Scotland’s House of Care programme aims to facilitate a fundamental shift in the relationship between person and professional, so that the person is in the driving seat of their health and social care with self-management at the heart of it.

This should include:

·         Clear information

·         Mutually agreed goals

·         Active role for the person

·         Positive effect while ensuring empathy and encouragement from professionals.

Below are links to the presentation and a couple of short videos to illustrate the model.

To download the MS PowerPoint presentation, please click here :  House of Care Epilepsy Consortium 10 May 2017 CC NO FILM




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