Epilepsy Conference 24th June 2017 review by Sam Whitmore (Epilepsy Connections)

Recently (24 June) an Epilepsy Conference was held under the auspice of Epilepsy Action and Epilepsy Connections. The event took place at the Scottish Epilepsy Centre in Glasgow and was attended by almost seventy individuals who either have epilepsy or support those who have the disease. Below is the day’s programme which offers an insight into the topics explored and a selection of the responses to the evaluation completed by participants following the event.
Conference Programme;
 a workshop on taking steps to live better with epilepsy – an introduction to self-management
 skills to help manage your health and wellbeing
 epilepsy treatments that may work for you
 presentations from medical experts about other treatments, including Gareth Davison, epilepsy specialist nurse
 hear from Christine Jeans from Sudep Action and Katie Ford, ultra-cyclist and fundraiser
 workshops will explore ways to improve seizure control including, surgery for epilepsy; vagus nerve stimulation (VNS)

Epilepsy Conference evaluation

Below are two graphs showing how well the conference agenda and content was received by the delegates,

Did the Event meet your expectations?
Overall, how would you rate the event?









Some quotes from delegates attending the event : 

Interesting, informative and good for making connections”
Informative and supportive”
Presentations were excellent”
I really enjoyed everything at today’s event.  I really enjoyed Katie Ford’s encouraging talk; it has made me see things differently”.
Excellent day, very informative and enjoyable”.
All speakers were excellent.  It was a very well organised event”.
“I would have liked a workshop to discuss my condition with others”.
It was an amazing day and good to meet new people”
Today’s event was most interesting and I learnt a lot from it”.    


From left to right; Jim Thompson (Epilepsy Connections) Kate Ford (Ultra-cyclist) Scott Coyne (Epilepsy Connections) Gareth Davison, (Epilepsy Specialist Nurse, Ayrshire & Arran) & Olympic Torch
From left to right; Phil Robinson (Epilepsy Consortium Scotland) Christine Jeans (SUDEP Action) Kate Ford (Ultra-cyclist) Shirley Maxwell (Epilepsy Connections)



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