Learning & Development Event

The Epilepsy Consortium Scotland Learning and Development Event

Date of Event – Wednesday 14 November, 10.00am-3.30pm
Event Outline – The aim of this event is to offer information and best practice solutions to supporting people living with epilepsy and a learning disability in a community setting
Venue – Scottish Epilepsy Centre

Directions to the Scottish Epilepsy Centre

Target Audience – Social Care Agencies and Support Staff, Healthcare Professionals (GPs, Practice Nurses, ESNs), Carers and People with Epilepsy
Registration – Early bird rate £25 (before Monday 5 November), £40 out with early bird period
Lunch and refreshments provided.

Guest Speaker;

Dr John Harden, National Clinical Lead for Quality & Safety

Key Note Speakers;

Dr. Elita Smiley, Consultant LD psychiatrist (TBC)
Gareth Davison, Epilepsy Specialist Nurse (Ayrshire & Arran)


Gerard Gahagan, Head of Epilepsy Service – Hospital Manager at Scottish Epilepsy Centre
Sam Whitmore, (Chairperson) Epilepsy Consortium Scotland


There is sufficient time for delegates to attend three of the workshops.

Please indicate which workshops you would like to attend when registering for the event.

⇒ Managing Epilepsy Risk in People with Learning Disabilities in the Community
This workshop will be delivered by two very experienced health care professionals who have developed this tool to assess risk and the management of risk in care settings for individuals and agencies whose responsibility it is to support people with epilepsy and additional support needs such as a learning disability.

⇒ Training needs for providers and social care professionals
The successful support and management of those living within a care setting is dependent upon the staff carers working alongside them to be appropriately trained. This workshop will consider the training needs of those working with people who have epilepsy and additional support needs such as a learning disability.

⇒ Personal Independence Payment (PIP) / Welfare benefits
Recent changes to the benefits system has impacted enormously on people living with a disability. This workshop will address these changes and offer advice and support in ensuring an individual’s entitlement is fully recognised and awarded.

⇒ Access Fieldwork services and community support
A variety of organisations exist to offer support and service delivery opportunities for people with epilepsy. This workshop will explore the options available and how to access them either for individuals with epilepsy or those supporting them in a community setting.


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